Matt Harvey

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  • Matt Harvey

Lyrics English

Everytime I see you smiling, my heart feels like it's close to dying.
I just wanna share some laughter walk and talk forever after.
You smile like a pinball machine, and I feel like I've won everything.
Take a flower and put it in your hair, goes so well with that dress that you wear.

Maybe it's just that it's you underneath, but what you're wearing makes me struggle to speak.

I love that dress you wear, I love that smile that hides behind your hair.
I love that way we talk, I love that everyone tries to walk straight by.
You're perfect.

I just wanna hold you closer, be my tide come in for a while.
When you're done we'll go out to sea, we'll be fine on a lilo you and me.
The moon comes and the day draws in, I only wish I had more time to spend.
I'd take you on a shopping spree and spend every single second of your time on me.

Maybe it's just that it's you underneath, I try but I can't look at you and speak.


Everytime I see you smiling.
Never wanna see you crying.
Kiss me now I'll never stop trying.
I love you girl I'm not lying.

TG~ backing vocals at the end ruined it for me.
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