Those Moves


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  • Dean Dunakin

Lyrics English

those moves you show
are makin' me go
to meet you on the dance floor
that body you show
is makin' me go
to move you on the dance floor

see the minute you're gone is so so long I don't really know how to wait
but the moment you go on the dancing floor i'm just one second away
then we step into a rhythm that is swingin' and you're singing and our bodies jump up and sway
say you're makin' it all up as you go along, but the angels guide you to this song

my eyes on your eyes, my hands on your hips, your step follow mine, first right then left
top rock, take off, don't take too long, max out the time we dance to this song
then we're spinning as we're grinnin' in the zone i guess we're in it, mark it down: another win
when you suddenly shake your body just that way, we're gliding on up to heaven's gate

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