Sun Is Shining

Matt Harvey

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  • Matt Harvey

Lyrics English

Sun Is Shining For You

Everybody's looking cos they know my sun is shining for you.
I got a fever and a hunger and it's all because of you.
Now I see you're back I feel a heart attack
I wanna go out and shout you're on my map.
They can see me shine but they just don't feel like I do.

We don't sleep at night we just dance from the top of the tune.
I smile at faces but I can't care about what they do.
We can walk outside any day or night,
spend some time and just feel right.
We're just gonna shine and let you envy our mood.


Na Na Na Na etc

Everyday is brighter everytime that you step in the room.
Anytime I see you it's like looking at the world in bloom.
Now I'm alone so I call your phone,
we both know we're not gonna go home.
You drive me wild and I feel I could howl at the moon.


You know my sun is shining
There ain't no denying
It's the look on your face
I want your embrace
You know my sun is shining
There ain't no denying that my sun is shining for you.

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