Can't Let Go

Dot Dot Dot

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Little son of mine
Every letter that I write
Is to let you know the kinda man I am
You see I'm full of holes
Lately feel I'm getting old
I didn't learn till late in life
I would never reach great heights and now I can't go back
No I can't go back....
And I can't let go no no no no
I can't let let of this and I can't let go no no no no
I can't let go of you
You my friend
Good to see your face again
Yeah you've got my smile
But you've got your mothers eyes we fell apart
I loved her with half my heart
I hope you understand
God I hope you understand
Now I can't go back
No I can't go back
Your eyes
They meet me slowly
No one had ever told me
One day I'd be standing here
And breaks my heart after all that I've done most say I'm the fortunate one
I'm happy to know you're safe

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