Blue Moment

Charles P. Hurowitz

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  • Charles P. Hurowitz

Lyrics English

Blue moment
In the blink of an eye
I wish I never hurt you
I have no alibi
Blue moment

Blue moment
Thought I felt your kiss
Or that I heard your voice
But it's just me with this
Blue moment

There is no substance
To any man
Who sleeps with a bottle
Still clutched in his hands

There is no substance
That can dull this pain
Can I be forgiven?
Will you take me back again
Take me back

Blue moment
Walking through the years
The best of all my hopes
The worst of all your fears
Blue moment


They say rock bottom
Is where you have to fall
To climb back up again
After you crawl

I think I'm there
In a cold basement flat
With my new friends
Who pat me on the back
And say I'm coming back

Blue moment
In the blink of an eye
I wish it never happened
And you never said goodbye

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