Frankly Scarlet (Short Bridge)

Charles P. Hurowitz

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  • Charles P. Hurowitz

Lyrics English

Verse 1
Drink my coffee in the Border's store
Books are full of great advice
And all the wisdom of the Phd.'s
Can't seem to set it right
No matter what I do or say
We continue to fight

Frankly Scarlet
I don't give a damn
Frankly Scarlet
I don't give a damn
Scarlet I walk away from you

Verse 2:
Fear of loneliness, I wanna stay
Love, not fear alone
Thoughts of togetherness, I wanna go
From the driveway to the road
Maybe somewhere there's a better man
You used to tell me so

(Repeat Chorus)

Tomorrow my dear
Is when you will think about it
Tomorrow my dear (Long bridge version only)
You will wake up without it (Long bridge version only)
Oh Scarlet, what shall we do

Verse 3:
Images of you plague my mind
Can't seem to let them go
Bitterness now it fills my mind
My anger scares me so

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