Fuzzy Wonderland

17th Chapter

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All of the things that you said. Memories stuck in my head. Saving the truth from the facts. The secrets of our little past so revealing.

So I twist in the midst of the story, the details getting changed in the telling. Entertaining cuz the truth is too boring, so I am living in this strange fabrication.

Now that I am saying it well, now that I am finding my voice, tired of kicking myself, might as well call it a choice that I am making.

To be bold, to be brave to go charging. Thru the trees, thru the fields to the stream. To respect every breath that I am breathing. To be strange, to be dumb, to start singing...la, la, la
Please let me see that you know what I mean...

You've been young, you've been old, you are loved. In a book, in a song, in a good drunk. In the face of impending disaster. Ask death, let it go, surrender...

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