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  • Atossa Salimi Grey

  • Composer

    Atossa Salimi Grey (BMI 407924847) 100%

Lyrics English


what is this and where are we
how'd I ever get here without you
did you take the back road or a highway
cause I'm all alone and this is someplace new

I've talked and talked to people who listen
but there's no way around your heart when it knows something
still I try to recall all the times you made me feel

I think there's cut glass in these roses you throw
just cause I didn't tell you it don't mean you don't know
I know you hate me when I'm awake
and try to blame me for almost anything

I just walk and walk where the river gets deeper
to just be, like the weavers and the dreamers
that's why I let you go, I needed to hold on to what's real

now the rope that binds us is all frayed and dry
and the darker it gets the better I can see the light
cause I'm not tied to you
it feels good, it feels like freedom too

cause we both hid behind the many faces of fear
but did you really suppose that I would always be here
I'm not running
I just see you a whole lot clearer
when I let go
to hold on to what's real

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