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  • Thomas J. Cappel

Lyrics English

ROCKET a shot down rocket from the sky another good time gone awry we broke it off last Saturday now she's everything I want so shoot me down and break my heart it doesn't beat much anyway when she talks she talks so sweet but we're not going anywhere and when she's lying through her teeth it's much more than I can bear I don't care for what they say just go away it's a thought in my head it's a girl in my bed to be lonely instead or to die from the dread keep that girl away from your heart cause the bomb in her mind could off anytime it's of lethal design so you best run and hide keep that girl away from your heart I know it's strange but I believe that our lost identities made us who we are today sorry that we're growing up though it's nothing we could stop and nothing we could wish away so my family and friends say I think we need to talk about the habits that you're in and the one you can't get off I don't listen I don't change I need this pain ...and what could this all mean in spite of what I've seen it's a crutch don't let her get too much or you'll pay

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