Attention America


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  • Thomas J. Cappel

Lyrics English

ATTENTION AMERICA you better believe mainstream has got a lock on this country it may be the way you're thinking and maybe there's something you're missing some guys they don't know they're still caught up in tough guy shows wearing what the ladies tell them now who's the sucker and who's gonna sell'em anything that they wanna you better watch what you do cause they're watching you this education of america so please don't leave we're not all lost in this country just a part of the new minority using a brain instead of conformity those girls you might know they're pretty but their souls don't show caught up in the distraction don't you know that you're only a fraction of the world growing around us there's a lot more to see believe in me so treat each other how you wanna be the truth is i'm happy to know they'll never have me some people won't get it the soul wants to but the brain won't let it the truth is i'm happy to know they'll never have me forget us you'll never get us! dollars signs and corporate walls surround we'll celebrate their crumbling when we tear them to the ground and we're free when we're all free

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