Bridges Were Ment To Be Burnt

Prey For Sleep

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  • Dave Swanson, Hunter Townsend, Jason Powell, Matt Carey

Lyrics English

Bridges Were Meant to Be Burned
How quickly you became something that you despised. Contradicting yourself, stumbling over your lies. Know that you have made a fool of yourself, rendering all of your words meaningless. Never one to be made into a victim you walked from the wreckage and left everyone else for dead. You were given a choice and you traded it all, isolating yourself from the whole fucking world. Retrace the steps back to where you belong, burning the bridges you shouldn't have crossed. Cover your tracks like the coward you are, laughing as everything here falls apart. You are the catalyst, the spark, setting my world aflame and blackening my heart. How quickly you became something that you despised. You failed. You failed us all.

JM - Re-Tagged.
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