Little Girl

Jetty Rae

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  • Brittni Stewart

Lyrics English

Little girl you're brilliant like a pearl
Iridescently beautiful
And all the lines keep you outside
But you were meant to live
Outside of their walls

Little girl beware of the world
They'll tell you lies, all of the time
But there only lies, so dry your eyes

Little girl you're beautiful like a secret world
Full of waterfalls and rainbows
But all the sticks and stones
Won't leave you alone
They make you feel so ugly
But you're not, just trust me

Little girl your song is like the rain
Washes everything, nothing's ever the same
But everyone tries to steal your song
Playing parts and notes, that don't belong
This, is your song

Little girl your eyes are like the spring
When flowers bloom, and bluebirds sing
But they took your heart,and they took your soul
But you were begging for, a little control
Where, is my soul?

This little girl she was made to sing
Of all her hopes, and all her dreams
Please don't, cut her wings

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