The Frailty Of Words

Prey For Sleep

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  • Dave Swanson, Hunter Townsend, Jason Powell, Matt Carey

Lyrics English

The Frailty of Words
I am not prepared to let the frail words that cannot convey the subtleties of my thoughts imprison me and kill all that I am, they will not consume me. I won't submit to this cerebral terrorism. I have waged a war against myself. Misconceptions have been known to cause the deaths of better men than I. Every syllable that stumbles through my lips will ultimately be forgotten like the rest. Silence the ignorant fool that wastes his breath with a thousand pleas for some sort of permanence. The years that you spent misinterpreting life as poetic have left the weight of failure to settle in the depths of your soul. I have waged a war against myself.

JM - Re-Tagged.
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