She Could Use A Little Sunshine

Dot Dot Dot

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It was early one morning late last fall when she walked into the room
I could tell right away she had a hell of a day but she reveled in the new
She told me about a lover who had scared her for another
And we talked until we saw the light and in the dark her eyes seemed bright
She had her hands tied back while she's waving goodbye
Gonna run to California start a new life
Weather seems nice but the problems just wont seem to change
But oh i know she could use a little sunshine
It was one year later
I was talking to a neighbor
She was standing at the foot of the drive
She couldn't wait another hour called the shooter in the tower
Put a bounty on my heart and my life
I said girl i tried to warn ya
From the minute that I saw ya
Waving flags right in front of your eyes
But the heart wants the blood and not the signs
Well I know that theres love but it doesn't seem right
'Til I see this to the end
Or the ref calls the fight
Well these stars seem cold but the weather man's calling for rain
Oh she could use a little sunshine
I know she's gonna be alright

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