Standing On Top Of The World

Dot Dot Dot

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From such great heights
What the hell am I waiting for?
The time seems right
To open up that door
I wanna but I'm never gonna get it 'till I'm back on my feet
And this wait
Feels like forever but it's never just a terrible scheme
So I wait a turn and
You tell me that you love me and I'm standing with my hand to cheek
Let's start this climb
Oh just you and I will be standing on top of the world
But I'm scared of heights by the city lights
Fallin' to my knees so I can see you from a different view
And I'm a terrible tease but I really like feel of the new
I'm basking in the wake of the beauty of a terrible dream
And It stuns me
To feel like I'm flying with a hammer and a weight of my feet
And then you say
You done good boy you always find the nerve to compete
I'm looking down and
Oh I can't believe that
I'm standing on top of the world
Cause I'm scared of heights and by the city lights
I never thought I could be so high
Tell me when did we start this climb?

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