Gonna Be A Good Day

Dot Dot Dot

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Baby I know this seems crazy but theres something you should know
When it comes to love id say I am lazy but I can't let this go
Ever since the moment that I stole that kiss
I've been jones like a junkie on his very first hit
Ya well I know the timing's never been right
So ima go ahead and try tonight
She said boy I've been waiting
But you're just to late and some other fellas gone and taken my hand and I said
If theres something that you want someones gonna want it more
It was gonna be gonna gonna be a good day
One day i drove past your house and guess who's car
I saw he stopped to break your heart and say "its not your fault"
Oh as you can i guess I was feeling alright
One man's trash could be another man's wife
I was trippin' out on top of the world
Gonna listen to the crab and "kiss the girl"
Well if i ever se that dude then I'll say
Wouldn't you know after a while the feelings faded
Until I came home and found her face down
And butt naked with some girl

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