High Summer

Alex McMurray

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  • Alex McMurray

Lyrics English

When i stand straight and tall i can almost see the place
school is almost out
through the woods how we would race
to high summer, high summer
the places that i hid
when i was just a kid

warm beer and fireflies
i know a place where we can be alone
we never made a sound
ain't it strange when your almost grown
in high summer, high summer
on graduation day
seems so far away
high summer, high summer
on independence day

you get drunk and you roam around
these streets of a young boys town.
just waitin while you take your pick.
while you decide, i'll catch a ride,
but meet me at the five and dime.
once last kiss
and then we'll say good bye
to summer time
to summer time.

now im all growed up
winter's turned the trees from green to black.
now and then i'll feel the scar
never fails to take me back
to high summer, high summer,
oh how id like to go,
but that was long ago.

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