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  • Alex McMurray

Lyrics English

When I see you again I'll be walking
When our girls are grown I will be here
I'll walk through the door on a Sunday morn

Will I see you in some foreign field?
In the morning I will hear you laughing
And the guns will seem nothing more than a dream

When I see you again will you be waiting
To cover me in gentle kisses
The tears will have stung, but still we'll be young
When I see you again

Under the stars when the night is clear
My heart will always be near
Up on the line you know I'll miss you
In my sleep I'll turn to kiss you

I promise that I won't be long
If you promise me that you'll be strong, dear
And push from your heart all of your fears

Will I see flowers on the table
And all the things as I have known them
Don't you see you or I simply cannot die
Until I see you again

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