Queen Of The Universe

Jetty Rae

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  • Brittni Stewart

  • Composer

    Brittni Stewart (SESAC 607322083) 100%

Lyrics English

Well I don't know your business
Why you zoomin' on mine?
Can I get a witness, cuz you're way out of line
don't know what you're thinking
You're probably up drinking
And thinkings the farthest thing from your mind

Now you hurt my kin
Might as well slap me in the face
Now you hurt my kin
You better vacate your space
Cuz momma bear don't play nice
Momma bear wins fights
You better hope to God that you never
Feel her heat

Cuz you may be the queen of the universe
For you all the stars and planets align
You may think that your gods gift to everyone
If everyone said it, it would still be a lie
You may be the queen of the universe
For you all the stars and the planets align
So call the preacher, the teacher, the medicine man
None of us want your blood on our hands

Now you think your money
Can say what you mean
Well I don't need your money
I'm not a slave to the green
Hope it keeps you warm
Hope it keeps you hot
But I got a little feeling
That its not

Got so many opinions
Bout everyone you know
All these here witnesses yea they all told me so
You don't know what you're saying
You need a good a spanking
I ain't the law but I know how to lay it down

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