Fresh Air

Ruth Gerson

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  • Ruth Gerson

Lyrics English

Woke up in your bed nearly had froze
You like to open the windows wide when you go
This morning it snowed most giant snowflakes on my head
You blew me cold faster than I've ever been

I should feel lucky being alive
And show I'm grateful for my good life
Have I been broken, played over and over
Lost all my ambition, nothing to show for myself

Must of lost my head somewhere
Now I'm opening all the doors
Gonna make this year my very best year
You and your fresh air should be happy together

I like how you smiled, such deep expression
You stared at me quiet, I was a fool for attention
My mother shakes her head, says I'm a child
I look overtired and underfed, when will I open my eyes

I should feel lucky I wasn't born blind
And show I'm grateful, make some use of my life
I've been a good soldier, sold out from under
So much for good intention, without looking after myself


You killed me once, you killed me twice
Third time you killed me I started to want back my light
Stop calling me stupid, I don't mind being hurt
I want to trust strangers, I need to believe we're all good

I'm feeling lucky being alive
And almost grateful for my jipped life
I'm turning over, I won't be unturning over
... I'm getting a hold of myself

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