Strawberry Cream Peaches Delight

Jetty Rae

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  • Brittni Stewart

Lyrics English

Strawberry cream, peaches delight
Sweeter than cherry or apple pie
Blueberry muffin, chocolate chip pancake
Butterscotch cookie, you're my creme brulee
My creme brulee

You're scrumptious, delightful, delectable
Simply irresistible
You're the sweetness, the goodness, the joie de vivre
You're my little clementine
My sweet honey bee

You're my marshmallow cream, my panna cotta
My croquembouche with caramel sauce
You're my banana split, my lemon meringue
My pink macaroon, you're my ice cream sundae
You're just like sunday

You're precious, you're priceless, extraordinary
Brilliantly inspiring
You're the nectar, the fragrance, the joie de vivre
You're my little sugar plumb, my sweet basil leaf

Do, do, do

You're my buttermilk biscuit, my key lime pie
My sweet bread pudding, you're the carmel apple of my eye

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