Take Me With You

7th Heaven

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  • Adam Blair Heisler, Richard Hofherr

Lyrics English

She was here a half an hour ago
But she couldn't see the white lines on the road
I say if you love someone
You should let them know
Is it fear or will for self control?
Or do you have a hard time letting go?
You shouldn't wait so long
If you love someone, let them know
Please don't get me wrong
It took a while to face
The fact that maybe someday it would be too late
So every time you smile
In the morning when you wake
Please don't take a chance or leave it up to fate
So when the moment comes that you have to go
Please take me with you
Maybe now that I am growing old
Or since the day I met my little boy
i knew if i loved someone I should let them know

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