You And I

7th Heaven

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  • Adam Blair Heisler

Lyrics English

I don't need the candy or the sugar canes
You're the sweetest thing that I've ever seen
You can take the money and the diamond rings
Cause without you I know they don't mean a thing that's right
All my life just you and I
You're brighter than the stars from my window pane
Warmer than the morning of a summer's day
The antidote to anything that's hurting me
There's not a thing about you I would ever change
May the stars be light to guide you home tonight
I hope the one you find holds you precious now
Before you knew my name I was still a fool
A hopeless little boy trying to break the rules
And now everything that I'll ever need
Is standing here in front of me
That's why
Your mom and I will love you all your life
Even though we are not together now know it was not your fault
We just fell apart
So as we all march on
After all I've done you have stayed so strong and the day I saw you I knew
I was starting again
This is the hardest thing I've said in my life
This is the hardest thing I've said in my life
When I first saw you smile it saved my life
I couldn't see and then you came along and
I could watch you sleep
And never dare to dream
That you find your way into my life somehow
I get lost inside of those fragile eyes
1000 tears I've cried that I'd be so high
And I know your smile could save my life
So save it again

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