Queen Light (inst)

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  • Francisco Cueto


I got my hair down
Looking so good I had to look at it twice Queen
Put some lipstick on
A little more coz I'm feeling good
Time to leave
I smiled at herself in the mirror said Lets go have ourself a good time
Walking down the street like I own it
Everything I need I have, go on living a whole snack Coz I'm fab
Rise up and shine
Queen, don't only give them half of you
Rise up and shine
Queen, coz what you have is brighter than a starlight Rise up and shine
Give them all of you
And show them how to live a queens life.
They'll say
Maybe you're too much woman for this
Or too unusual for that
You're intricate, relatable
And honey you are beautiful
Entirely delectable, respectabe
A superwoman intellectual
Baby girl know you're unbreakable
Dry up those tears and look up
If they've got lies ,shut em' up
Stand up and rise, you're enough
They all say
Life isn't all it is
It's rough and it's dangerous
And this is he risk you take
Lies, lies high five those lies
Tell em' to keep those tricks for someone who's thick
High fiving life and all that it's doing Cause I already walk that walk
Queen keep walking coz you own that
I'll give you something I'll give you feeling
I'll give you loving Deserving queen
All my ladies, you're worth more than you know You'e a diamond
That you are
You're a queen
Oh so tonight,
Fix yourself for yourself shine Your queen light
You're a diamond
That she is
She's a queen
That you are
She's a queen

Lyrics by: Lauren-Joy Covito

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