Mister Sunshine

Aubrey Agard

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  • Aubrey Agard

Lyrics English

Now that she's back intact and winter is giving way again
Bad news the blues have gone to find some other fool who's not forgiving yet
While I remind myself that happiness isn't guaranteed
In fact I'm glad that she came back to be with me

And just like rain everything has to fall
Even pain from lonely people

So good morning to you Mister Sunshine
How is your day and is everything all right
Thank you for all that you've done through the dark night
Saving your rays for the days you were so right

My guess the best pretended to be so good for the curious
High life the lies the manic lullabies not so good what they do to us
Tattoos the do's you leave some clues but no one's analytical
What if the gift is to be true to be you

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