Try It Now

Jon Jones

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Lyrics English

When the sun goes down at night it creates a place to hide
Like the shadows in the corners, there's something to decide
If you have an alibi better keep it at your side
You may not have to use it if you don't abuse it
Like a picture in your mind that you cover and you hide
As far as you can, I hate to see you cry
There's nothing to this feeling and I really don't know why
Bu t the feeling is receding, I hope it doesn't die
So hang on to the feeling for the rest of your life
Give it to your girlfriend and your desperate housewife
The way it's all been written we don't know who it's by
But we know it sounds like something, I'd like to see you try it now

Try it now

It feels like someone's missing, I don't know who it is
Don't expect me to be sorry, I don't know what I did
Does it still have any meaning? Is it harder to resist?
Did it come from out of nowhere? Did it come from deep within?
When I was younger I wanted to have faith
But now I do not bother cause I don't have time to waste
If no one saw this coming then someone should explain
How they fell for the diversion and how they got away
But it doesn't really matter because no one will know
If we cut thru Arizona and escape to Mexico
It's written in the numbers, the records clearly show
That there's new things that are coming and new things that I'm trying now

Try it now

You're playing it dumb but your day's gonna come
And your time's running up but it doesn't concern you
I'm on the run and I'm having some fun
And my time's running up but it doesn't concern me
But you're playing dumb and your mind's feeling numb
And your time's running up but it doesn't concern you
I'm on the run and I'm having some fun
But my time's running up and it doesn't concern me

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