Love In The Time Of Global Warming

Sleepwalk, A Robot

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  • Travis Pack

Lyrics English

I perceive every interaction
As a fixed boxing fight
In this corner we have the challenger
But the defender wins every time
I will be careful not to say
Anything leaning toward "we" or "us"
Maybe that's why I'm as attached as I was
When I was five years old
(I am five years old)

I've got these roots grown through me,
But I am a rolling stone
Now do the rooms in my heart
Have closets of clues
Or unchecked bones?
I hope that asking is enough
In the end I am iron man
My insides make the outside tough
And I am trying to tell you that

I will be waiting
I will be waiting for
I will be waiting for
53 years, 11 days and 7 months (x2)

Murphy's fighting Occam
Like Matt said
Ego versus Id
My ego's dead
Heart versus pit of stomach
Stomach wins
Knowing versus feeling
I have a feeling that I know what's coming next

I hope that asking is enough
Pondering answers scares me
I hope that asking enough
My hands are raw from digging
I hope that asking is enough
The top-down approach is working
I hope that asking is enough
My fingernails are bleeding

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