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  • Nicole Reynolds

Lyrics English

i'll be comin home in the month of june
i'm coming home in the month of june
i've risen in the ranks, done good, no mistakes
the desert wind it breaks around my skin it snakes

wont you pray for me not to change too much
after what i've seen, after what i've clutched
the bombs in the air, fly around as we stare
the rockets red glare, mothers runnin scared
the corpses prepared in their dark solitaire
maybe soon i'll be goin there

they got a price on me i got a price on them
we got our lives to live, i'm not unlike him
reaching out a soldiers hand, buried faces in the sand
throwin blood out on the land, playin loud the army band

will you love me with my face blown away
with my hollow eyes, my mind decayed
i've made children run, with the bark of my gun
heat pours from the sun, ain't no war ever been won

i'll be comin home in the month of june
i'm comin home in the month of june

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