Hesitant (vocal)


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  • Composer

    Glenn Haider (BMI 375272447) 25%, Sean Collopy (BMI 374981417) 25%, Spencer Templeman (BMI 375252553) 25%, Eliot Stone (BMI 375272349) 25%

Lyrics English

Won’t you hold me down
I’ve said too much this time around
When it all went down
I know it’s not that simple

Did I do my best
I can’t sequester my feelings
When I rest
We left in such a tumble now

If I need somebody
I’m naked
I won’t
I’ve never done
The moment
The sky’s wide open
I’ll just shy away

I’m hiding
Tonight and
My mind’s been soldiered
A few times before
The moment
My heart’s wide open
I’ll just run away

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