Heavy Being You (vocal) EXPLICIT


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  • Composer

    Glenn Haider (BMI 375272447) 25%, Sean Collopy (BMI 374981417) 25%, Spencer Templeman (BMI 375252553) 25%, Eliot Stone (BMI 375272349) 25%

Lyrics English

There’s this kid
Isn’t scared about nothing
He’s been tricked
Ripped off gone left behind
Out there
For to grow old to

His mama’s sick
His mama’s sick with the drinking
His daddy’s a dick
‘Cause he went up and left on the fly
Out there

One night met up
Sat on the corner of sixth street
Tears in his eyes
Told me that he’s gonna leave this town
And get out there
Somewhere to belong to

He didn’t leave
He didn’t go
He got caught up
It’s cyclical
Another beer down
Drinking alone
These nights end the same
Passed on the floor
And I didn’t wonder
If anything was wrong

One step forward
Two steps back
Keeps you from moving
Keeps you from getting on track

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