Autumn Sky (vocal)

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  • Composer

    Dune Butler (ASCAP 803437165) 100%

Lyrics English

All I see is from my winking eye. All mistrust in Autumn’s evening sky.
Now my heart is on my sleeve with most everything.

Sickness has become more prevalent. Sleepless nights have left your mind spent.
And you’ll hurt me in due time, but how you make me feel alive.

Autumn how the spirits fill your dreams, demons that will split you at the seams.
Now there’s nowhere I need go, so I’ll suffer here, suffer for now.

The road I care to go leads far away from here, high from darkened trees and far above.
But I’m too sick to fly so I’ll lie here in your glow.

Darkness has come, spread ‘cross the whole town, spawned from your gaze, your setting sun.
But I can’t seem to find my own way back home.

I’ve seen my fair share of broken hearts, each new season brings another start.
And I’ll leave it all behind in the morning air of Autumn’s Sky.

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