Thx Bye (vocal)


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  • Daniel Løberg, Helene Svaland Johansen, Johannes Amble

  • Composer

    Helene Svaland Johansen (TONO 697936369) 34%, Johannes Amble (TONO 770534146) 33%, Daniel Løberg (TONO 820082184) 33%


Thx bye
all you wanted
was to get
under my skin
but under my skin
there’s nothing
you look very disappointed now
it’s time to stop
stop the complaining
‘cause i don’t even know
if i’m supposed to blame him
i can’t take it back
i let you under my skin
you act like you’re the best
but you don’t have a heart
do you?
i’m really not impressed
don’t care if you are smart and cool
k, bye, bye
thx, bye, bye
thx, bye, bye
thx, bye, bye
thx, bye, bye

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