Stuck (vocal)


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  • Helene Svaland Johansen, Henrik Haraldsen Sveen, Johannes Amble

  • Composer

    Helene Svaland Johansen (TONO 697936369) 34%, Johannes Amble (TONO 770534146) 33%, Henrik Haraldsen Sveen (TONO 700354785) 33%


My body’s shaking
But i’m just faking
Your hands don’t do it for me
It’s getting obvious
But you don’t see it ‘cause
You always only see you
You need me, don’t you
You think that i could
Rescue you
It’s all in my hands
Well, i don’t trust them
To be around you
I’m stuck
I’m stuck
You want to own me
Want to control me
You let me run, but i’m leashed
I want to freak out
Say “get the f**k out”
This feels like torture to me
You make me stupid
The things i’m doing
To please you
You’re deep in my head
I got used to it
I need you
I’m stuck
I’m stuck
If you love me you have to let me go
‘Cause i don’t think i can break out on
my own
I don’t want to, but i’ll keep you in my
You left a big scar, so you live there now
I’m stuck
I’m stuck

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